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門川 昌弘   カドカワ マサヒロ

CuddysPic Chair / Video artist / Spatial Director

東京と宮崎を拠点に活動。独立を機にCuddys Picを立ち上げメンバーを集める。



Masahiro Kadokawa

Based in Tokyo and Miyazaki, Cuddys Pic was founded upon independence with the goal of assembling a team. Their primary focus revolves around directing visual elements for live concert performances. Additionally, in their hometown of Miyazaki, they actively engage in the field of "regional revitalization," leveraging their creative experiences. They are dedicated to researching how creative output can benefit people and are committed to making a social impact.



藤永 侑樹   フジナガ ユウキ 

Director Videographer / VJ


Yuki Fujinaga
Striving for sophisticated and entertaining high-quality visuals that go beyond the constraints of conventional tools, this individual is primarily engaged in activities such as fashion brand movies and live video production. They have a solid reputation for a wide range of motion graphics that incorporate both 3D and live-action footage. Additionally, they regularly release experimental film techniques through their independent projects.



川崎 拓哉   カワ タクヤ

CM director / Planner

1988 年生まれ。新潟県出身。 東京工芸大学芸術学部卒。 数々の学生コンペで受賞。 geekpictures 企画演出部所属中に田中嗣久監督を師事。 その後独立し​CMディレクターとして活動。

Takuya Kawasaki

Born in 1988 in Niigata Prefecture, this individual graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo Institute of Technology. They have received awards in numerous student competitions. While working in the planning and production department of geekpictures, they studied under director Tsuguhisa Tanaka. Afterward, they ventured out as an independent CM (Commercial) director.



Gratz Meen  ラッツ メーン

Art DirectorGraphic Designer



gratz meen

After three years of activity based in L.A., they returned to Japan. Influenced by the West Coast American style, they specialize in bold and vibrant graphics. They studied oil painting and acrylic painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. Subsequently, they have been responsible for the visual design of various artists. They engage in the creation of designs inspired by a wide range of musical transitions, from classical to contemporary.



Hideaki Sakurai ヒデアキ サクライ 

Director of photography

新潟県生まれ 横浜国立大学在学中に10BANスタジオ入社。宮原夢画氏に師事し、独立後はスチールカメラマン、ムービーカメラマンとして活動中。

Hideaki Sakurai

orn in Niigata Prefecture, I joined 10BAN Studio while studying at Yokohama National University. Under the guidance of Mr. Mugen Miyahara, I apprenticed and later became independent, currently working as a still photographer and movie cameraman.



とこなぎ みなも   コナギ ミナモ

Video artist / Illustrator / Media artist


Minamo Tokonagi

After graduating from an art college, this individual has been active as a filmmaker/media artist based in the Tokyo area. They excel in illustration and animation and are known for their diverse approach to creating works, such as videos, interactive projects, and installations, utilizing these skills. Their productions are characterized by a wide range of styles, including simplicity, cuteness, and pop, tailored to meet various needs and content requirements. Additionally, they have been involved in producing visual effects for numerous LIVE concerts.



大澤 康人   オオサワ ヤスト

Marketer / Event planner / PR manager





Yasuto Osawa

Born in 1988, this individual is engaged in operational tasks at an undisclosed location in Tokyo. They initially learned the fundamentals of the location business. Subsequently, they took on the role of a strategist responsible for facility attraction and became involved in various aspects of marketing, including strategic planning, promotions, public relations, customer relations, media, and overall communication strategies. They have a particular strength in content businesses that leverage intellectual properties (IPs).

Having graduated from an arts-focused university themselves, they embrace the motto of "matching the strengths of creators with the needs of clients" in their work.



石多 光太郎   イシダ コウタロウ

System engineer / Technical director

1991年生まれ。工学部コンピュータ科学専攻卒業後、プロジェクトのシステム設計・開発から運用・保守までの技術的な側面を担当。個人としてはmax msp、TouchDesignerのソフトウェアを駆使しインタラクティブ作品制作やVJ活動を精力的に行っている。


Kotaro Ishida

Born in 1991, After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering with a major in Computer Science, this individual is responsible for the technical aspects of projects, from system design and development to operation and maintenance. On a personal level, they actively engage in creating interactive works and VJ activities, making proficient use of software like Max MSP and TouchDesigner.



Susan Roi   スーザン ロイ

3D Visual Artist3D set designer

Unreal Engineを用いたゲーム開発、3Dモデリング、テクスチャリング、アニメーション 言語: C++、Blueprint、3Dモデリングソフト(Blender、3dsmax、substance3D)を得意とする。技術的な洞察力とクリエイティビティに優れ、ゲームデザインとアートの両面を理解する。またメタバースに関する最新のトレンドや技術を追求し、コミュニティに積極的に参加している。

Susan Roi

Profile of someone with expertise in Unreal Engine game development, 3D modeling, texturing, and animation. Proficient in C++, Blueprint, and 3D modeling software such as Blender, Maya, and Cinema4D. Possesses strong technical insight and creativity, with a deep understanding of both game design and art. Actively pursues the latest trends and technologies in the metaverse domain and actively engages with the community.



生成   キナリ

Video Artist Designer



A video artist skilled in the art of collage, they have been involved in numerous film projects, captivating audiences with their vibrant collage expressions. They demonstrate versatile abilities in visual storytelling, particularly in the realms of installations and live performances.



あらひき ぽんた  アラヒキ ポンタ

3D Visual Artist3D set designer

Unreal Engine 5と3ds Maxを巧みに操り、革新的で没入感あるセットデザインを生み出す。プロジェクトに深みと臨場感を与え、ライブ演出の背景デザインにおいて優れた成果を上げている。

Ponta Arahiki

Mastery of Unreal Engine 5 and 3ds Max enables the adept creation of innovative and immersive set designs. Taro Yamada brings depth and a sense of presence to projects, particularly excelling in background design for live productions. Renowned for a creative and original approach to abstract expression in 3D, he is recognized for elevating abstract concepts into the 3D realm, transcending them into captivating works of art.



前田 秀平  マエタ シュウヘイ

Technical Artist / XR Engineer




Shuhei Maeta

I became independent and focused on spatial direction for live performances and installation artworks. I specialize in real-time CG and interactive production development using Notch and UE5, as well as AR/XR and virtual production creation.



西堀 歩武  ニシボリ アユム

visualist / System engineer/VJ




Nishibori Ayumu

Born in Hokkaido. Responsible for spatial design using TouchDesigner. Engaged in works with the theme of "lighting like video, video like lighting." Drawing on experience in street dance, also recognized for distinctive spatial direction from a unique perspective.

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